Sign the petition to stop the UK Government from failing to protect victims of human trafficking


An EU Directive to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings comes into force on 6th April 2013. It outlines specific steps that governments should take to identify, protect and support victims of trafficking and also sets out their obligation to prosecute those responsible.

Groups who support victims of trafficking welcome the fact that the UK Government signed up to the Council of Europe's Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) on 1st April 2009, however, by not subscribing to this Directive, it is failing victims.

A recent GRETA report on the UK identified a number of shortcomings and concluded that more needs to be done to make the UK compliant with the EU Directive.

We call upon the UK Government to demonstrate its commitment to the fight against human trafficking and fully sign up to the Directive. By doing so, it will improve the identification of people who have been trafficked, improve standards of assistance and support to victims; offer better protection for victims during criminal proceedings to prevent re-victimisation.

Ultimately, it will lead to an increase in prosecution of traffickers thereby making them think twice about using the UK as a destination.

Sign the petition to ask the UK Government to put this right, and put an end to this modern day slave trade in Britain! And pass this message on!

Thank you

Anti-Human Trafficking Forum;

BAWSO, Safer Wales, the Welsh Refugee Council, Barnardo's Cymru, New Pathways

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